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8-13-81 Larry C Tate BKA Teezy AKA Teezywheatstraw the devil son in law was born.. From erlanger hospital to 2125 noah st in East Chattanooga in a father less home. Is the place he learned about life. The good along with the bad, he had to jump out and really find out how to be a man.. Sharon Tate (Mother) always played  music and made a way out of no way to put food on the table also kept him in church. That's what instilled  alot of the traits you see in teezy as far as faith and hustle and hear in his music.. Teezy started getting serious about music around 17 when he started a group with a child hood friend (Ryder) called Southern Assassins (SATF). They recorded a few songs did a few performances but ended up putting music on the backburner do to getting grown having kids.  As time went on music never left his heart. Teezy linked back up and started recording again with more East Chatt representatives lyrically fatal..  Things  where going good heading in the right direction until Teezy was Incarcerated for misusing that hustle trait his mom instilled in him.. Teezy laid down took his little 30 months like a mane and on 9-30-11 hit the streets running.. Teezy got out and about making a buzz for himself doing open mic shows wining magazine and radio contests. Not  only winning but crushing the competition. Its 2015 now and he is working on his 2nd album Heart of a Ghetto Boy. You can find his 1st album Death Wish wherever music is sold digitally as well as spotify

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